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Dear All,

I am Monika Banerjee working as a Research Fellow at the Institute of Social Studies Trust (ISST), New Delhi. I am currently trying to compile the Annual Report of ISST for the year 2020-21.

As you know that this online platform on Gender and Evaluation is being hosted by ISST since 2013 and we at ISST are extremely happy to see the way your participation is constantly strengthening this platform year after year.

This year for the annual report, we thought of including some reflections on the experiences of being part of this large family. It will also give us an understanding of areas where gains are visible and those where more work is required. Therefore, I request you to kindly help us in posting some of your reflections in terms of your experiences of being a member of this gender and eval online community.

We would like to know what has been your experience till date of being a member of this online community and in what way has it helped your work and career.

Hoping to hear from you all soon.

warm regards,


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Get to network with more experts in the area in India and abroad

New insights gained helped in better planning of studies on impact assessment of development projects. The improvement is much better in gender and equity dimensions.

Significant learning is on outcome of impact assessment studies.


Rama Rao

Thank you for your prompt reply. Really appreciate it!

warm regards,


I like following the work of others, learning about new tools and strategies, and gaining better perspective of the various fields impacted by gender and evaluation experts.

Thank you for all you do!

Kristy Kelly

Thank you for your prompt reply. Really appreciate it!

warm regards,


Hi Monika,

Gender Eval Online platform has been continuously sharing information and knowledge on gender based evaluation systems, approaches, opportunities and practices. It has helped me to wear an evaluative perspective in zooming gender issues while performing my responsibilities. Being the Gender Focal Person for India in Practical Action, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the postings of gendereval online platform. Secondly, I proudly mention in my profile that I am part of this online platform.


Arun Hial. M&E Manager cum Gender Focal Person, Practical Action, India

Thank you for your prompt reply. Really appreciate it!

warm regards,


I have learned a lot from this community. It helped me to keep abreast of latest events, conferences, workshops and webinars. It helped me in deepening my understanding on various nuances of engendering evaluation.



Thank you for your prompt reply. Really appreciate it!

warm regards,


Dear Monika, my India experience dates back to 2011, conducting an ex-post evaluation on socio-economic programs in German-Indian development work before that time. Recalling that the gender focus was one reason for joining the team at that time, I started searching for and appreciating solid experiences such as the ones compiled and shared by ISST only later. I am therefore extremely thankful for the gender and evaluation community being sourced by this hub, worth continuing for more voices and values, methods and ideas to making evaluations more balanced and powerful for the sake of equality.

Dear Monika,

I follow the discussions as much as possible. It provides me with new ideas and views. Unfortunately I am often too busy with other things, so I don't participate as I would like to.

Best wishes,


Hello from Canada,

I was thrilled to find this group and wish I had far more time to soak up all the information that gets shared here. I don't have a community of practice in my province (although I'm working to change that!) and so the different perspectives shared here help to keep my thinking fresh, expose me to new resources, affirm the need to question and analyze, allow me to discuss ideas with bright people, remind me that the world is bigger than the provincial (in all senses of the word) ideas I often encounter, give me access to international conferences and learning opportunities, and inspire me to keep improving frameworks, processes, tools. I'm very grateful to have found this group (even if I never seem to have enough reading time). 

Dear Monika

this is a great platform for practitioners like me. I have learnt many new concepts (SALT as a notion for instance) because of membership of this network. Apart from learning, information on consultancy and employment opportunities is another aspect of vibrant contribution that this forum has been contributing to. 

I got to see so many established professionals talking about gender in this forum. Somewhere and in some way, we all are contributing to the shaping of a livable world and this platform acts as a testimony to that. 

Best regards, Saarita


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