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Dear All,

I am Monika Banerjee working as a Research Fellow at the Institute of Social Studies Trust (ISST), New Delhi. I am currently trying to compile the Annual Report of ISST for the year 2020-21.

As you know that this online platform on Gender and Evaluation is being hosted by ISST since 2013 and we at ISST are extremely happy to see the way your participation is constantly strengthening this platform year after year.

This year for the annual report, we thought of including some reflections on the experiences of being part of this large family. It will also give us an understanding of areas where gains are visible and those where more work is required. Therefore, I request you to kindly help us in posting some of your reflections in terms of your experiences of being a member of this gender and eval online community.

We would like to know what has been your experience till date of being a member of this online community and in what way has it helped your work and career.

Hoping to hear from you all soon.

warm regards,


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this platform has always given us food for thought. the questions and work done by others when shared are many a times adding to areas of interest to deep dive and study it more. it really adds to your intellectual yourself. Great going! my best wishes for the platform.

Dear Monika,thank you for the good work in establishing and strengthening this online platform.Regarding my contribution to the community,nothing.But the resources you are sharing online are useful. In the future, I will try to contribute. Anyway, keep up the good work.
Thank you very much& regards,

As a new evaluator, I feel very lucky to have found this community while interning at UNDP in Bangkok this summer. It is precisely in my area of interest and expertise and I am constantly learning about opportunities through this site. The fact that this community is free to participate in is incredibly valuable to me as a graduate student. Although I pay for subscriptions to other evaluation communities, this is truly the one where I find the best professional development. I have participated in webinars and in-person events and look forward to continuing involvement with this group of professionals in the field from around the world.

Thank You for the material You share online, for the online events allowing us to participate and connecting us face -to-face on the international conferences .

Dear All,

Meeting you  on this platform and learning from you through the discussion we have  had has enriched  my competencies in gender evaluation. My challenge has been with the webinars because of the time differences.

Thank you

Dear Monika,

Thank you for given us the opprtunity to speak of what think if the platform. For me it has a great importance as it connects people, expert or aspirants in gender and evaluation. Webinars and other onlines activities add value to the members' knowledge. Sharing informations on National Evaluation Societies or associations is part of capacity building activites together with online or face to face trainings. 

As members we should vote more time to take advantage of the plateform more than we do know.

Hi Monika, 

I am based in Delhi, India. This platform helps me learn a lot. I look for new  information,  knowledge, methods, approaches, strategies  and practices in the area of gender evaluation and try to learn from other's work. This is a great platform for that and I try following discussions as much as possible. I am not a very active member or great contributer, though.

Thank you so much.


The experience has been productive for me. I have had the opportunity to learn from others and also to share my knowledge, experience and results of my work.

Its through being a member of this community that I was able to meet other colleagues physically in Greece during theEES conference after Rituu Nanda took the initiative to search for us all and made sure we get to know each other. Thank you Rituu.

The resources generously shared, have also been of great help professionally.

Very grateful to this community for the willingness to connect, assist, and advice on a research project/journalism trip to Kabul this summer. Got great feedback and an openness from community members to share advice!

Looking for nacional researchers for India anda Sri Lanka for a global study proposal on safety ofwomen journalists regarding online harassment, the community was of immense help! I am grateful for all the responses received by the many highly valuable members.
Sincerest appreciation to all the respondents and to Rituu B Nanda for the support.

Warmest regards from Austria

 Reply by Prakash Kumar yesterday 

It is really great platform to understand contemporary issue and challenges of evaluation and also sharing workshops, conferences, and opportunities as well.


Hi Monika,

I agree with everything that has been said by others, and I just wanted to add my confirmation. It is difficult to find a community that is both technical and focused on gender. I also appreciate having a conversation about international evaluation that is grounded in feminist principles. I appreciate the concrete tools, guidance, and reading recommendations provided. This is the 'home' I always recommend we post consultancies, and I love feeling updated about opportunities in the gender and evaluation community. Thank you to everyone that supports the online community.


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