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Evalpartners through EvalGender+ was aiming to bring together those interested in gender-responsive and equity-focused evaluations. To include as many as possible in building this partnership - Marco Segone, Florencia Tateossian, Awuor Ponge and Rituu B Nanda put a query on in gender and evaluation community asking the members their dream for EvalGender+. The query was posted on 3rd November 2015. Subsequently volunteers came forward to translate the query in English, French, Portuguese, Russian and Turkish.


We received 42 responses in English, French and Spanish from 24 countries representing Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America. Respondents were evaluators, researchers, staff from NGOs as well as funding agencies and one was an agency from the private sector. 25% of the respondents were male.  We did not receive responses to the query in Portuguese, Russian and Turkish. 


Portuguese (Ana Leao)-

Turkish (Seyhan Aydınlıgil )

French (Dramane Bako)-

SpanishSilvia Salinas Mulder, Fabiola Amariles and Pablo Rodriguez-Bilella)

Russian ( Svetlana Negroustoueva  )-


Here are the respondents (they are not in the order of responses):

1. Grace K Tukaheebwa, Uganda

2. Dr Subrato Kumar Mondal, India

3. Anne Markiewicz, Australia

4. Nabesh Bohidar, India,

5. Seyhan Aydınlıgil, Turkey

6. Alejandra Faúndez, Chile

7. Ana Leao, Portugal

8. Jindra Cekan, Washington, United States

10. IshaWedasinghe Miranda , Sri Lanka

11. Gana Pati Ojha, Nepal

12. Pallavi Gupta, India

13. Paloma Lafuente Gómez , Spain

14. Seblewongel Denke, Ethiopia

15. Kedar Nath Bhatta, Nepal

16. Stanley Joseph , India

17. Silvia Salinas Mulder, Bolivia

18. Fabiola Amariles, Colombia

19. Trang Ho Morton, India

20. Ljiljana Jovovic, Montenegro

21. Jacqueline Storey, Australia

22. Umi Hanik, Indonesia

23. Donna Mertens, United States

24. Solomon Bizualem Brhane, Ethiopia

25. Mme EBOBISSE CECILE, CaDEA (Cameroun)

26. LOYE Alexis Salvador, Burkina Faso

27. Rosmary del Valle González Mariño de, Venezuela:

28. Carolina Vergara, de Ecuador

29. Lorena Salcedo , Ecuador

30. María Eugenia Rojas, Bolivia

31.  Beti Delovska, Macedonia

32. Dr.Selma Acuner, Turkey

33. James Muyala Wekesa, Kenya

34. Kanchan Lama, Nepal


36. Lyn Alderman, Australia

37. Rashmi Agrawal, India

38.  Preeti Asthana, Canada

39.  Florencia Tateossian, United States

40. Eugenie Catta, Canada

41. Florence Etta, Nigeria

42. Dieynaba, Senegal

43. Ugwuibe Thaddeus Chukwudi, Nigeria


On 24th November about 15 colleagues met in EvalPartners Global Forum at Kathmandu where we developed our common dream for Evalgender+ Inputs from the virtual dialogue were incorporated in this. For more information on dream and priorities and the Evalgender+ management group see this link 


Sincere thanks to all the respondents and translators

Marco, Florencia, Awuor and Rituu


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