South to South presenters at AEA Conference 2017

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Troisième Forum Global d'Evaluation d'EvalPartners

En septembre 2015, les dirigeants mondiaux ont pris un engagement extraordinaire envers un programme visionnaire pour transformer le monde d'ici à 2030: un programme très ambitieux qui englobe les peuples, la planète et la prospérité dans un esprit de paix et de partenariat. Les engagements sont énoncés dans la résolution des Nations Unies intitulée « Transformer notre monde: l'Agenda 2030 pour le développement durable », qui énumère également les 17 objectifs de développement durable (ODD)…


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Cultural Competence and Power Dynamics in Evaluation: Reflections from a Gender Perspective

Dear Friends,

It is a pleasure to share with you (below) the Spanish version of our article originally entitled Cultural Competence and Power Dynamics in Evaluation: Reflections from a Gender Perspective, published in September 2016 in the special edition of the Evaluation Connections Newsletter of the European Evaluation Society EES, just…


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Developing NEC in the SDGs era: four key challenges

Pleased to share with you the latest IIED-EVALSDGs Briefing on Evaluation National Capacities. You can access it on

Developing National Evaluation Capacity (NEC) in the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) era brings four dynamic and interrelated challenges. These are: developing a National Evaluation Policy, setting up the institutional processes, securing adequate evaluation…


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5 good things in 2016 & priorities in 2017!

Enjoy this short and crisp video from Marco Segone, chair United Nations Evaluation group, who shares the 5 good things that happened in terms of Evaluation in the year 2016 and priorities in 2017 . Thanks to Marco Segone, Jin Zhang and UNEG Secretariat for the video.

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A video to watch and show

This is what it looks and feels like.

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EvalGender+ à Marrakech (Maroc)

Bonjour chers membres,

Une opportunité importante pour la rencontre des membres de EvalGender+ au Forum International Francophone de l'Évaluation qui se déroulera du 13-16 Décembre 2016.

Dès le 13 Décembre 2016, venez partager vos expériences en matière d'évaluations axées sur l'équité et le genre. Venez nous dire comment évaluer les objectifs de développement durable en tenant compte de l'équité et du genre?  Comme vous le savez, plus on partage, plus on s'enrichit. Des…


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Gender and indicators

Gender and Indicators - Eldis › Home › Topics › Resource Guides › Gender › Key Issues
... contribute to the process of determining how best to move forward. This key issues guide was written by Angela de Prairie with advice from Ranjani K Murthy

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Investigation on Women's Allocation of Time In India, Indonesia, and China (November 2015)

There is extensive literature on poverty, gender equality, and sustainable development but few data and information regarding how the use of time affects such issues. This report, through facts and figures, clearly shows that time spent in unpaid employment, mainly by women, contributes to economic growth even if it is generally ignored in economics. Therefore provides motivation for time use surveys (TUSs) to measure, monitor, and understand economic and social consequences of many…


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MODEL OF CHANGE: Elements of Social Psychology for Evaluators to Modify People's Behavior

Author: Laura Gagliardone

Date: November 2016

LinkedIn profile:


People’s behavior is determined by their setting of goals, the motivation they feel…


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Author: Laura Gagliardone, Research Analyst and Development Writer


Date: November 2015


  1. PURPOSE OF THE STUDY: review the literature regarding the…

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EvalGender+ Successes and Challenges: Presentation at the AEA 2016 Conference

FullSizeRender_2.jpgEvalGender+ present at AEA 2016 Conference

During the recent AEA conference 2016 in Atlanta, several members of the Management Group of EvalGender+ presented a panel on “Challenges and Successes of Operationalizing EvalGender+ Globally”.…


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Rwanda Monitoring and Evaluation Society is Born

Dear Team,

4 November 2016, goes down in the History of the Evaluation Profession in Rwanda as the day that gave birth to the Rwanda Monitoring and Evaluation Society. I am happy to have witnessed this great milestone in Africa’s Evaluation History as it unfolded at the Lemigo Hotel in Kigali, Rwanda. The process that finally culminated into the official launch of…


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Presenting Lessons on (post-project) Sustained and Emerging Impact Evaluations from the U.S. AEA Conference REBLOG

Dear readers, attached please find the barking-up-a-better-tree-aea-oct-26-final presentation we did last week at the American Evaluation Association (AEA) conference in Atlanta GA. I had the pleasure of co-presenting with Beatrice Lorge Rogers PhD, Professor, Friedman Nutrition School, Tufts University (aka the famous …


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New Guidance on Evaluating SDGs with a No One Left Behind lens

I am very pleased to share with the Gender and Evaluation community the new Guidance on Evaluating SDGs with an equity-focused and gender-responsive lens.

The objective to publish a new  guidance is to focus on the SDGs process, and support  national evaluation systems on how to integrate equity-focused and gender-responsive evaluation to inform national reviews of SDGs. The guidance proposes a step by step process  for country-led evaluations that are equity-focused and…


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Mapping of Capacity Development Evaluation Resources

The report on Mapping of Capacity Development Resources in the field of evaluation is from the Capacity Building Task Force constituted by EvalGender+ Management Group in April 2016 with three co chairs- Rashmi Agrawal, Julia Espinosa ,Tatiana Tretiakova which was joined by about 50 members . The report has been developed by Rashmi Agrawal, BVLN Rao*, and Neha Kumra* (*Evaluation Community of India members). The process of mapping involved wide range consultations and collection of information.… Continue

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