Online course on Gender & Eval pilot!

Institute of Social Studies Trust (India) with Support of Ford Foundation piloted the first #Gender and #Evaluation online course in India (29th Jan to 2nd Feb 2018) Online course launching soon. This is for Indian citizens. It was wonderful to work together on this course! Photo courtesy:  Rajib Nandi

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Global Cafe in Practice

During an interactive lecture given by Ms. Ritu Nanda on Knowledge Based management and evaluaiton at the National Institute on Labour, Economics and Man Power Research, we had an opportunity to practice Global Café. Four groups were formed that undertook the following questions?

Group 1.

How is knowledge captured? Is anything missed?

Group 2.

How is knowledge organised? Is everything accessible?

Group 3.

 How is knowledge shared? Are all staff able…


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Introduction (video):

The WEPs Gender Gap Analysis Tool is a free, user-friendly, and strictly confidential tool designed to help companies from around the world identify strengths, gaps, and opportunities to improve their performance on gender equality. Results are provided in a concise and clear format so companies can easily identify areas for improvement.

WEPs Gender Gap Analysis Tool:…


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Formations sur l'évaluation axée sur l'équité et sensible au genre: qu'avons-nous appris et comment pouvons-nous nous améliorer?

Bonjour collègues et ami(e)s,

Nous, au sein du groupe de coordination de EvalGender +, cherchons à comprendre ce qui a fonctionné dans les formations sur les évaluations axées sur l'équité et sensibles au genre (EFGR). Cette information aiderait à concevoir et à dispenser des formations efficaces et à assurer l'application et l'utilisation des compétences et des connaissances acquises. Nous sollicitons  vos expériences, leçons apprises et recommandations sur les questions…


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Associations nationales d'évaluation sensibles au genre et promotion d'évaluations axées sur l'équité et le genre

Cher(e)s collègues,

En préparation de plusieurs événements mondiaux et régionaux des associations nationales d'évaluation ce dernier trimestre de l'année 2017, nous évaluons les besoins afin de nous assurer que les associations en évaluation sont sensibles au genre et favorisent une évaluation sensible au genre.  

1) Que peut-on faire pour s'assurer que les associations d'évaluation sont sensibles au genre et encouragent une évaluation sensible au genre?

2) Comment les…


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Guidance to Evaluate SDG with a gender lens available in 5 languages!

We are happy to announce that the Guidance on Evaluating the Sustainable Development Goals with a “No one left behind” lens through equity-focused and gender-responsive evaluation is now available in 5 languages. 

We, at EvalGender+,  recognize the importance to make resources accessible to the wider public as much as possible, trying to leave no one behind. That's why we believe that translating our materials is of…


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Value added of post project evaluation, rather than just final evaluation

Hello - please see our research report on post project #evaluation where we show the value added to 'program cycle' final evaluation. (Un)expected #sustainability or not, emerging sustainability and more:

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EVALPARTNERS Global Forum III - Report - Now Available.

Dear colleagues,

It is with great excitement that I share with you the Third EvalPartners Global Forum report. Please find here:…


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“Evaluation as a driver of reform in IFIs”: We need your views on how to include gender

IDEV, Independent Evaluation of the African Development Bank, issues a Quarterly Knowledge Publication, "Evaluation Matters".  We are currently accepting submissions for the…


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Distinction: Hon. Imbassou Ouattara receives the ivorian "Gold Evaluation" Special Award

On August 3, 2017, Mr. Imbassou Ouattara Abbas was awarded the Special "Gold Evaluation" Prize of the Ivorian Initiative for Evaluation (2IEval), for his significant contribution to the promotion of the practice of evaluation in Côte d'Ivoire, which made it possible to integrate the evaluation…


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Distinction: Imbassou Ouattara reçoit le Prix Spécial « Evaluation d’Or »

M. Imbassou Ouattara Abbas a reçu, le 3 août 2017, le Prix Spécial « Evaluation d’Or » de l’Initiative Ivoirienne pour l’Evaluation (2IEval), pour sa contribution significative à la promotion de la pratique de l’Evaluation en Côte d’Ivoire qui a permis l’intégration de…


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Outcome Mapping and Gender

Dear Friends, 

You may want to have a look at this new resource from the Outcome Mapping Learning Community. 

I analyze and reflect on how Outcome Mapping and Gender concepts align. See here

It is based on several months of discussion with the online community. You can view the discussion…


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Measuring Social Norms on WEE Programmes: Lessons from Itad’s Work in Gender Equality

The role of social norms change in economically empowering women was a hot topic at the SEEP Women’s Economic Empowerment Global Learning Forum earlier this year.

The event was opened by Professor Naila Kabeer, who argued that not taking cultural and social norms into consideration when enhancing women’s economic empowerment (WEE) can undermine the transformative potential of WEE efforts. Dr Cynthia Drakeman also presented the…


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Evaluating progress toward the SDGs : We need your views on how to include gender

Evaluating progress towards the SDGs will require an assessment of whether that progress is equitable, relevant and sustainable. Furthermore, if development is to be inclusive and leave no one behind, human rights principles and standards should also be considered. Is the field of…


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Evaluation of improvements in the quality of life of women on the island of Santiago in Cabo Verde

The wind-swept islands of the archipelago of Cabo Verde, with their…


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Why is 'good data' important to achieve #SDGs?

Lots of DATA got us thinking about how we could make it interesting- Why is 'good data' important to achieve Video Link

Video Link…


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Dear Gender and Evaluation Community, I am taking the initiative to show you an article I have written on my 17 daily actions to support the SDGs: It is working as engagement tool and, over the past weeks, I have received good comments which could be developed in ideas and…


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Reflections from Community of Evaluators, Bhutan Conference

Creativity and good facilitation are at the heart of participatory research!

Recently, I attended a conference on Impact Evaluation hosted by the Community of Evaluators (COE)/ South Asia in Thimpu, Bhutan. The conference was all sorts of GREAT! Four days was divided into two days of pre conference workshops, while the two-day conference saw several interesting panel discussions.

This being one of my first international conferences on Evaluation, I was…


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Gender+ and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Where we stands as a country leaving “no one left behind” Focusing on SDGs Goal # 5, 10 in Sri Lanka Prospective

Discussion Forum on

Title Gender+ and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Sri Lanka Prospective

Venue CHA, No. 1, Gower Street, Colombo 5

Date and Time 05-June-2017, 1430hrs – 1630hrs

Key Keynote By Isha Wedasinghe Miranda Independent Evaluator, Member of the EvalGender…


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The story of EvalPartners in a slideshow

Dear Friends,

When looking at the road we have covered together under EvalPartners over just a few years (2012-2017), I am so proud of us! Ordinary people from all over the world who are joined by the belief that evaluation that includes a gender equality and equity lens needs to be used throughout our societies and systems.

When we were in Kyrgyzstan for the 3rd Global Evaluation Forum, I was asked to present the …


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