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Evidence on gender equity and inclusion towards women’s empowerment: A reflection on lessons and challenges

Evaluation community of India with CareIndia iorganised a Webinar entitled "Evidence on gender equity and inclusion towards women's empowerment: A reflection on lessons and challenges" under the glocal evalweek 2020 on 4th June 2020 at 5.30 PM (IST). (see more on glocal evalweek:



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Gender? Need to look at on a masculinity Vs Feminity quantinum

It is always a complex issue for me to look at gender in isolation of masculinity and femininity. This is a neglected aspect of most of the evaluations done on gender, which I think is a key dimension and in isolation of the masculinity-feminity analysis, gender evaluations tend to lose their validity.  

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Evaluating pre-COVID 19 programmes in post COVID times: Why development paradigms matter

Recently I was asked whether I would evaluation a programme in multiple states of India which was framed in pre COVID 19 times.  The criteria suggested was the DAC criteria - relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and others (includes gender equality, sustainability, innovation).

To me it seemed important to add another criterion- resilience.  How far had the programme strengthened resilience to such medical disasters and its consequences for migrants and informal sector?  To me…


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Women, the invisible workforce...time for recognition

Covid 19 pandemic lockdown has brought to fore the invisible workforce-the women of the household, and their contribution in the country’s economy. If not directly but definitely indirectly, by taking care of homes of their men family members, whom generally every country count as their main workforce. Thus neglecting the role played by a woman in the country’s growth and development, as a…


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Gender and equity sensitive assessments

Do gender and equity sensitive assessments

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ElevateEvaluate Students' Podcast

Good morning colleagues,

I hope this email finds you doing well. I am very excited to introduce a new project with my undergraduate students. The ElevateEvaluate Podcast, which is now available to stream.

This podcast, by students and for students, aims to exchange knowledge about program evaluation and introduce new evaluators to the field. Specifically, we will explore key concepts of program evaluation using real-life scenarios, as well as reflect on teaching…


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What is your biggest concern for evaluations during COVID-19?

I hosted a Zoom call on Thursday, April 9th, 2020 to discuss evaluation in international development during COVID-19.

I asked people when registering for the call (about 75 people) to identify their biggest concern for evaluations at this time. Then I grouped these by theme. Below is this list. 

What are your biggest concerns?

What is your biggest concern for evaluations during COVID-19?

Comments from Registrants on Discussion on…


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Evaluation and value for money

Please see my LinkedIn post for a 30 minute presentation on evaluation and value for money, featuring the MUVA female economic empowerment program and an approach to VFM assessment that combines strengths of evaluative reasoning and economics. 

Yesterday I was scheduled to give a guest lecture at Auckland Uni, but all teaching has gone online for the moment. So I pre-recorded the lecture on Zoom. There’s a first time for everything! Here’s a…


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Recorded webinar: Proven Strategies for Stopping GBV

GlobalWA & SIF co-hosted virtual event on Proven strategies for stopping gender-based violence  March 18 via Zoom. Here are the resources mentioned on the call for your reference:

CARE’s Gender in Practice Primer:

 GBV Promising Practices on Gender in Practice Primer (under Priority…


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Theory of Change Workshop Online - pre-COVID-19

Inspired by Barbara Klugman's extremely helpful blog on her virtual theory of change workshop, I would like to contribute a few lines on my recent experience with visualising across different remote sites.

Our workshop was not about building a theory of change from scratch, but about enriching and validating the theory of change my evaluation team had reconstructed. The workshop was not totally "virtual" either: We held it in a meeting room of the organisation that had commissioned…


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What matters in our work as evaluators ? Interview of Donna Mertens

Last year in Paris, Marc Tevini* and Kenza Bennani** and a chance to interview Donna Mertens about the transformative approach in evaluation, how to face the climate change issue, the dead angles in evaluation and the role of emerging evaluators.…


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Coping with Covid-19: Theory of Change workshop online

Coping with Covid-19: Theory of Change workshop online

 As we all struggle to come to terms with the personal, community, work and politico-economic / cultural implications of COVID-19, I’d like to share a few lessons drawn by me and colleagues from WIEGO’s Urban Policies Programme (UPP), after we ran a theory of change workshop online on Monday and Tuesday (16-17 March 2020). WIEGO is a global organisation – Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing and Organizing.…


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Année internationale de l’évaluation, 5 ans après : Cas de la Côte d’Ivoire

Dans le cadre du lancement de la 6ème édition du Prix d’Excellence « Evaluation d’Or », organisé par l’Initiative Ivoirienne pour l’Evaluation (2IEval) en collaboration avec la Cellule d’Analyse de Politiques Economiques du CIRES (CAPEC), une conférence a été prononcée, le samedi 29 février 2020, au Centre Ivoirien de Recherches Economiques et Sociales (CIRES), par Samuel KOUAKOU, Vice-Président de l’Association Africaine d’Evaluation (AfrEA), Président de l’Initiative Ivoirienne pour…


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International Year of Evaluation, 5 years later (EvalYear+5) : Case of Côte d'Ivoire

As part of the launch of the 6th edition of the Excellence Award "Gold Evaluation", organized by the Ivorian Initiative for Evaluation (2IEval) in collaboration with the Economic Policy Analysis Unit of CIRES (CAPEC), a conference was delivered on Saturday, February 29, 2020, at the Ivorian Center for Economic and Social Research (CIRES), by Samuel KOUAKOU, Vice-President of the African Evaluation Association (AfrEA), President of the Ivorian Initiative for Evaluation (2IEval), and General…


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How Kenya is taking giant steps to strengthen evidence use

In February 2019, Evaluation actors in Kenya from the African Gender and Evaluation Network (AGDEN) and International Development Evaluation Association (IDEAS), won a competitive award for innovation challenge by the International Organization for Cooperation in Evaluation (IOCE) and EvalPartners to work in the area of localizing Democracy, Rights and Governance Evaluation Practices.  The project was titled ‘Expanding Democratic Spaces for more Inclusive and Equitable Governance:…


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My article in World Development Symposium

Dear friends,

World Development, the leading academic journal of development studies has published an Inaugural Symposium on RCTs in Development and Poverty Alleviation

under the leadership of its editor Arun Agarwal, to recognize the work and contributions of the joint winners of the 2019 Nobel prize for Economics - Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo, and Michael Kremer.


Interestingly, the Symposium wanted to capture diverse voices either in support…


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Are activist organisations the new evaluation agencies?

Dear Gender and Evaluation members,

I am glad to share with you the abstract below, to engage the discussion with you about evaluations made by activist organisations, and eventually feminist organisations. The full article is so far only available in French. If you want to have a look, please contact me. Looking forward to read your reactions! 


When and to what extent can activist organisation reports be considered as evaluations?



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