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Kenya Launches M&E Champions Network

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Evaluation's Role in Guiding Public Policy and Government with Rakesh Mohan

Rakesh Mohan has been the director of the Office of Performance Evaluations (OPE; an independent and nonpartisan agency of the Idaho State Legislature, since 2002. We cover critical issues related to evaluation and how it can guiding government and public policy.

Interview on YouTube

Under Rakesh's…


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Call for paper


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Compte-rendu d'une communauté de pratiques "Covid et VBG"

Bonjour à toutes et tous,

Sur les conseil de Rituu, je vous partage le compte-rendu du dernier atelier de notre communauté de pratiques et d'échanges sur le genre. Il a eu lieu le 23 juin 2020 et était consacré à "Covid et violences basées sur le genre".

Vous pouvez trouver le document en PDF…


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Prioritising Competing M&E Needs and Demands in an Adaptive Programme: 7 Takeaways

Prioritising Competing M&E Needs and Demands in an Adaptive Programme: 7 Takeaways

Gloria Sikustahili, Julie Adkins, Japhet Makongo & Simon Milligan

We’ve all been there. We’ve drowned in the weight of programme documentation; the need to capture everything, to report everything, to be seen to be held accountable for…


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Evaluation terms of reference

Dear colleagues,…


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Empowerment, identities and processes: Arunthathiyar SHG member as Anganwadi worker

  • Ranjani K Murthy with Arogya Agam

Photo credit: Arogya Agam

This case study from an evaluation with highlights the complexity of women's empowerment. Researchers distinguish between individual (power to), interpersonal, collective agency (power with) and attitudinal change (power within) towards structural…


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Sharing thoughts on the status of women on the occasion of World Mosquito Day today. voices of tribal women from Jharkhand in India tells how women are unheard even to address NTDs.

‘Garibi ke karan khareed nahi pate hain. Humare ghar mein koi machardani mein nahi sota’. (we are unable to buy due to poverty. Nobody in our house sleeps under a bed-net). Says a tribal woman of age above 50 years…


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Blog for the Global Evaluation of UNICEF’s WASH Programming in Protracted Crises, 2014-19

What did we learn?

Some of the most…


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Gender, Caste and SHGs in the context of neoliberal micro finance

1.0 Context:   Dalit women are discriminated against by intersections of caste, class and gender. Amongst Dalit women in Tamil Nadu, Arunthathiyars (AR) are the most exploited and steeped in poverty. Arunthathiyar women and men have no agriculture land, own limited livestock, are typically underemployed, and…


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More free resources in INTRAC's M&E Universe

Dear all at Gender & Evaluation,

INTRAC’s free resource for M&E practitioners, the M&E Universe, has been updated with six new papers on the M&E of advocacy. The papers are written by Nigel Simister and Jenny Ross, and form the first part of the new M&E of Development Approaches section.

 INTRAC produces the M&E Universe for the benefit of civil society professionals and organisations around the…


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"Everyone fails, and repeatedly"

Kylie Hutchinson on the importance of learning from evaluation mistakes and paying attention to red flags.

Kylie is the 2020 recipient of the Canadian Evaluation Society's Award for Contribution to Evaluation in Canada and has spent the past thirty years working in the not-for-profit sector as a consultant, trainer, program manager, board member, and volunteer.

She notes that challenges are often experienced when evaluators…


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Evaluation Community of India newsletter April-June'20

I am pleased to share the Evaluation Community of India's newsletter for the quarter April to June'20

The attachment is below the picture…


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Guidelines for Ethical Considerations in Social Research and Evaluation

Please to share an e-guide on ethical considerations for social research and evaluation



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UNICEF 3D Cartoon (in 4 languages) on How to Better Engage Children in Evaluation

Dear Colleagues, I hope all is well.

To mark the International Day of the African Child (June 16),  the UNICEF Regional Office for West and Central Africa released a 3D Cartoon in 4 languages on How to better engage Children in ‪#Evaluation…


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Using the idea of Most significant Change for a conference evaluation

I am posting this blog on behalf of Dr Archna Kumar.

Evaluation Community of India organised Evalfest in Feb'20. We had a session on Innovation Bazaar. 

There was one group which shared  experiences from numerous research studies conducted in different regions of India, by Professors, and Doctoral and advanced Master’s scholars of Department of Development Communication and Extension, Lady Irwin College, University of Delhi. These were the presenters

  • Archna Kumar,…

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UN Women Rapid Assessment Tool to Evaluation Gender Equality & Women’s Empowerment Results in Humanitarian Context

I am very happy to share with you the UN Women Rapid Assessment Tool to Evaluation Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment Results in Humanitarian Context  now available on UN Women’s website.   

This is a rapid tool that can help M&E officers assess in a quick way the degree of…


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Evaluation in Conflict & Fragility - What works, what doesn’t & what do we need more of?

By Rania Fazah

During one of my interviews (meetings) with a woman volunteer in Nigeria active in deradicalization programs, a woman mid-40s wearing the traditional outfit, covering herself from head to toe with a colorful pattern! My assumption when I met her, this is a happy woman! (in conflict contexts don’t assume peace fighters are happy). I asked her what was her motivation to join the program to deradicalize youth? Why she chose to get involved with the “BOKO…


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